The Joyful Crafting Club

Join the Joyful Crafting Club Today!

So you love tiered trays and crafting - and you want the details of what's included in the club. Whether you're a a seasoned crafter or just starting out, this is the club for you!

Here's what you get when you join the club:

  • Amy will hand-pick 5-6 themed mini-signs just for the club
  • each month, one piece of the kit will be customized just for you. You might get a customized mini-sign, you might get a choice between two themes, or a choice between two accents - each month it will be different and it will always be fun!
  • access to our exclusive Joyful Crafting Club community with a LIVE crafting party each month
  • monthly tiered tray styling tutorials using the signs we paint that month
  • any adornments or embellishments that go with the kit, such as beads for garland, napkins for decoupage or ribbon
  • coordinating mini-sign printable that's exclusive to the club
  • a supply list that includes suggested paint colors and other materials, such as scissors, glue, or sealer

Joyful Crafting Club FAQs

How do I know when the crafting parties & tutorials will be held?

Great question! Our crafting parties and tiered tray styling tutorials are on Thursday nights. There's a calendar in the membership group. If you can't be there, everything is recorded so that you can catch the replay.

What is an adornment or embellishment?

Good question! An adornment or embellishment is something we add to the wood cutouts or garland tags to give them some pizazz! This might be a napkin that we decoupage, ribbon, beads for a bead garland. The adornments won't always be the same, and you may have no adornments depending on the tray. Anything Amy uses in the sample tray will be included. You are free to use these things, add to them, or use none of them! The sky is the limit!

What do you mean that there's a customization each month?

This is my favorite part about the club - each month there will be something special that you get to choose! It might be a personalization on a sign (like a monogram or a last name), a choice between two themes (like Easter or Spring), or a choice between two colors for the adornments (like blue or red).

How do I know if the Joyful Crafting Club is right for me?

If you love to craft and be with other women who love crafting, then this is the right group for you! If crafting isn't your thing, or if you would rather buy a finished tiered tray then this probalby isn't the right fit.