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Tree Farm Christmas DIY Attachment Pieces for Interchangeable Farmhouse Style 12" Round Sign

Tree Farm Christmas DIY Attachment Pieces for Interchangeable Farmhouse Style 12" Round Sign

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Celebrate Christmas farmhouse style with my Tree Farm sign attachment and DIY bow kit.

Create a beautiful display using your Interchangeable Farmhouse Style 12" Round Sign and the dahsing through the snow attachment piece featuring a reindeers and jingle bells. Now you can expand your sign's versatility even further by crafting your custom insert. Elevate your holiday home decor today with this adorable everyday farmhouse attachment.


1. High-Quality Wood: We use high quality wood for our wood signs and attachment pieces.

2. Easy Installation: Effortlessly slide your your DIY inserts to the 12" round sign. No tools or velco required!

3. Perfect Fit: The DIY attachment pieces are designed to precisely fit the Interchangeable Farmhouse Style 12" Round Sign, guaranteeing a seamless display.

5. Seasonal Variety: Our inserts are offered in a variety of options so that your sign can be displayed year round.

6. Special Occasions: Commemorate holidays, birthdays, and other cherished moments with custom inserts tailored to the occasion.

7. Thoughtful Gifts: Share the joy of DIY creativity with your loved ones by gifting them the 12" round sign and DIY attachment pieces. Perfect for craft enthusiasts and decor lovers alike!


🎄 Compatibility: Interchangeable Farmhouse Style 12" Round Sign (Sold separately)

Package Includes:

🎄 Tree Farm attachment featuring three reindeer and jingel bells (word sign and shapes)

DIY Bow Kit Includes:

🎄 (2) pieces of 2.5" glittered Christmas Tree wired ribbon
🎄 (2) pieces of 2.5" Christmas plaid wired ribbon
🎄 (2) pieces of 1.5" pine needle wired ribbon
🎄 (1) pipe cleaner
🎄 (1) piece of thin jute to wrap the middle of the bow


DIY Bow is offered as an optional add-on. Ribbon will be as pictured or similar to what is pictured based on availability.

Note: This package includes the DIY Attachment Pieces only. The Interchangeable Farmhouse Style 12" Round Sign and inserts are sold separately. Sign holder is also sold separately.

Create a one-of-a-kind farmhouse-style sign that reflects your personality and the essence of each season and celebration. Get your DIY Attachment Pieces today and embark on an unforgettable crafting journey for your home decor!

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