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January JCC Add Ons

January JCC Add Ons

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Options for January: Valentine's Day or Hot Cocoa TRAY 

  • by default, you get the Valentine's Day Box if make no choice 
  • you can choose to get both trays at a discounted cost 
  • you can choose to add on a sign if you get the regular box 

**DO NOT add other items to this order - this order should be JCC items only. You get FREE shipping with these items but this purchase will not help you get free shipping with other items. Also, it creates a lot of shipping issues because items need to be held for the JCC boxes.***

Here's what YOU need to do:

1. Decide which theme you want.
2. Decide if you want both trays. If you do, add the "add on tray" to your cart. You do not need to make a choice if you want both trays. You're getting both.
3. If you want hot cocoa, make the choice HERE. 
4. If you want an add on sign, add that to your cart.

***You CAN use your coupon on this - so go for it! Please don't forget as I can't do it retroactively.***

For example:

Suzy want the Hot Cocoa Tray, and does not get the Deluxe box. She wants an add on sign. She chooses Hot Cooca and purchases an add on sign.


Barbara wants the Valentine's Tray only and she already gets the Deluxe box. She has nothing to do. She's good to go!


Melissa wants the Valentine's Day Tray and the Hot Cocoa Tray. She purchases the extra tray and has to do nothing else. She will get both trays in her box.


Rochelle wants the Hot Chocolate Tray and wants an add on sign. She makes her choice and purchases the add on sign. 

Questions? I'm here for you! Post in our FB group OR shoot me an email. 




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Linda Lemiere-Zile
monthly trays

I was on vacation when my box was delivered as it took me a little bit of time to get going on it since I came home sick as well. I have completed the February one and it great! Next to be is the hot cocoa one! I love doing them and am challenged some but never to where I have any problems completing them. I just love this program!